Blockspring was designed to pull data from several 3rd party api’s and insert into spreadsheets and other tabular data tools. There is 5 main tools that Blockspring integrates into, Google sheets, Excel, Tableau, Slack and Bubble, even with a small amount of tools to collect your data in, all of them are extremely powerful. They offer access to many API’s, some of which would be unavailable for users of smaller companies. With some basic knowledge of spreadsheet formulas and Blockspring,  you can automate a complex data pull easily and within minutes, where as traditional methods would take a dedicated programmer to complete. If a certain API does not exist in there collection, it is rather easy take have it added, you can either request it, or have a developer create it for you. By leveraging several different programing languages (PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript, R, NodeJS) and leveraging their intuative API, you can have a custom data point at your disposal.

Here are some of the more popular templates available on Blockspring.

  1. Track Social Engagement for a List of Webpages
  2. Send a List of Letters
  3. Acquisition Efficiency Reports

You can find more information at the Blockspring website, or leave a review of Blockspring at UpGrow.

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