Cloudpipes is made by a small team out of the UK. They have a large catalogue of apps to choose from, well over 300, and have received commendation from Gartner two years in a row. They offer logical path based on data received and filtering, which makes it relatively simple to construct a pipeline. Cloudpipes offers a free and paid subscription. The basic paid account has a limit on the available apps, and the business tier grants access to all available api’s. Pricing is very competitive and reasonable, they also offer a enterprise tier if your business requires more resources.

Here are a few of the popular blue prints they offer.

  1. Add Intercom users to Pipedrive
  2. Asana tasks from new Pipedrive activities assigned to you
  3. Bitbucket commit to a Wunderlist task


You can find more at the CloudPipes, or leave a review for CloudPipes at

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